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For me, editing is like doing a 1000-piece puzzle; I take great pleasure in moving words and ideas around to make a very pretty picture!

In addition to the usual mechanics of spelling and punctuation, I edit for clarity, flow, and consistency to make a good document a really great document.


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Academic Editing

I provide editing for academic work including thesis, dissertations, journal articles, and general research papers/reports.

Examples of past projects (publicly available) include:

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Understanding the Effects of Impaired Driving in Saskatchewan: Perspectives of Family Members of Victims Killed by an Impaired Driver (Dr. Nicholas A. Jones, Dr. Jody Burnett, and Robert Mills)

Document Design

A readable document relies on effective layout and design as much as good writing.

Easy-to-read fonts, headings and sub-headings, text blocking, judicious use of color, and effective use of white space will ensure your reader gets the most out of your message.

Resumes, CVs & Cover Letters

Whether you're a high school student seeking summer employment or a CEO looking for new opportunities, your resume will make or break a first impression.

I work with individuals to communicate their skills, experience, and aspirations in concise, well-designed formats.


I love newsletters. Community, corporate, doesn't matter. As the paper-based equivalent to Twitter, newsletters are bite-sized information snacks.

I write, edit, and format newsletters to provide audiences with engaging, eye-catching content.


As a long-time communications professional, I've done a lot of writing: magazine articles, newsletters, funding proposals, media releases, web content, reports...

Regardless of the topic, I write for the reader, making sure that what I want them to know is wrapped in a story that matters to them.

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Tearing Down the Walls: Preventing suicide among first responders (Blue Line Magazine, 2016)

Exploring the New Realities of Policing (CAPG Board Connection, Fall 2016)


I work with a diverse range of clients, including not-for-profit policy influencers, government committees, online educators, consultants, and retailers.