Types of Editing Services

An edit is an edit, right? Hmmm…no. There are actually four levels of editing that apply to every writing project, each with a specific purpose.

Whether you're looking for help to organize your ideas in an initial draft or just a final proofread to snuff out those small, hard-to-catch errors, I can help get your work ship-shape and audience-ready!

Structural Editing

  • Assess content for its intended audience, medium, market, and purpose
  • Reorganize material for coherent structure and logical progression of ideas
  • Suggest changes to enhance content (e.g., delete repetitive or superfluous content, add content to fill gaps or strengthen transition between ideas, etc.)
  • Recommend appropriate elements to enhance material (e.g., tables, figures, images, etc.)

Stylistic Editing

  • Improve clarity and flow
  • Apply consistent voice or tone
  • Smooth out language for easy readability

Copy Editing

  • Edit and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Apply consistent style (e.g., house style, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Check facts and flag issues
  • Review reference and citations


  • Final post-edit review for clean, error-free content